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Certified Accredited Spiritual Coach


Certified Accredited Sound Therapy and Sound Healing Practioner


Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

Aura Reading Technician


Face Reading

Body Language

Hand Analysis


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Greetings, My name is Sylvia and I developed this site to enlighten, educate, inspire and improve the lives of those that seek guidance.

We all have moments of confusion, sadness, disappointment and despair.

We are always seeking answers, solutions, and wisdom to new realities we didn't anticipated.


When I was 10 years old I memorized a miniature red bible given to me by my grandmother.  At the time I felt it very important to know.  My family attended Evangelical Methodist Church and I always looked forward to the service.  I had a deep desire to  learn all I could about what GOD wanted of me.   I couldn't understand why the children at around me at church only wanted to play while the Pasteur was talking.  I began to see that I was different.  For years I read the bible while attempting to be spiritually correct in the way I lived my life.



My college library (Laptops didn't exist then) opened up a beautiful world of philosophy, metaphysics and spirituality on so many different levels.  



At first I was afraid, because of how we were taught in church.  So many subjects were taboo.  I took a course in Black History and was introduced to the original religions, beliefs and spiritual practices of ancient tribes that were my ancestors.  Here in America and across the sea, we were Indigenous People, shipped to other countries where we were less likely to escape due to lack of knowledge of the territory.  I found we were punished if we continued to practice, recite, or believe in our original faith.  We were not allowed to speak our language or teach it to our children. Our new born children were taken from us and raised by the slaves that were already trained to be docile.  And so we were left to believe we should turn the other cheek and become more subservient and accept this New Religion.



Fast forward to the present.  Over the years I have reviewed some and studied other faiths and found major similarities  in them all.  The wording and some methods are different But most of us want the same things.  A  fruitful happy future for our children.  Peace and balance in our lives.  Good health.  Prosperity to have abundance.  Love and harmony in all of our close relationships. Kindness and respect to others and from us.  We want the ability to believe in the way we choose, as long as no one suffers from that belief.

Of course all religions talk about the darkness that exists. It has its place to teach lessons, strengthen our faith and create a power within that no one can take.

Because of my lessons and studies I have been blessed to assist hundreds of individuals and families. 


My path was made clear and I chose to be obedient.

I am so GRATEFUL to be of assistant to those in need of my services. The joy, tears and revelations my clients and I  have shared is extraordinary!

The blessings I have received are better than I could have ever imagined.

I look forward to making that positive, life changing difference in your life.




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