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Aura Reading

Aura Analysis Overview

Below is a list of area's your Aura Reading will provide.

-The condition of your Organs
-Your Energy Levels in each Chakra
-Your Vibrations effect on others
Your dominant Aura Colors
-Compatible Mate Aura Colors
-Occupations for which you are most suited
-The Spiritual Vibration condition of your personality






Your Evaluation that will reveal your

-Core beliefs


-Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Behavior and Patterns

-The Radiant, Dark or Muddy Aura Color and The Meaning

This includes Center Top Bottom and Left Aura 

The Next Levels Analyzed

Base Chakra


Crown Chakra

An In-Depth Section On Your

Mind and Body

Social Life

Relationships and Intimacy

Career and Finances

Health Well Being and Growth

We have been incorporating Eastern Philosophy into our medical and spiritual culture for years. It has brought a new level of healing to our society where modern western medicine has floundered. Endeavoring to understand our Aura has lost the unenlightened stigma of negativity. We realize that achieving Balance is a necessary key to Happiness and Prosperity. Having ones Aura and Chakra read is a method to discover where the imbalance exists. Once you discover where the real problem lies, then you can begin focused, deliberate healing work on yourself.
This is the Most Advanced Aura Reading Technology on the market today. The equipment reads the energy from your hand along with video images of your body to provide a completely detailed and accurate 15 page report. During the reading we review each page and a copy may be sent to your email for a small fee upon request.  

Mention you viewed our website and you will receive the 14 page report printout for FREE!

If you'd like additional information feel free to contact me at 855-243-2220.

14 Pages of essential information to enlighten you on the areas of your life that are Balanced and those areas that are not Balanced

Set Your Appointment




Call for a Personal 15 Page Aura Reading that includes:

  • Your Aura Colors are located on the Center,Top,Bottom,Left and Right





Your Chakras are in the center with individual colors
Your Aura will reveal
-The condition of your Organs
-Your Energy Levels
-Your effect on others
-Compatible Aura Colors
-The BEST choice of occupation
-The condition of your personality
The Aura Colors that may cause disharmony in your body, mind and spirit
Your energy level in displayed with advice on how to increase it, if needed
  • Your Yin-Yang Balance (Female/Male Energy)
  • Aura Power-How much energy radiates around you
  • How your energies distribute between Mind Body Spirit
  • Your Aura Wave--emotional energetic calmness
Your 15 Page report displays
Detailed description of Your Personality Color which covers
  1. Mind/Body
  2. Social Life
  3. Relationships
  4. Career and Finances
  5. Health, Well-Being And Growth
With recommendations for improvement if needed

Individual Readings 50 mile radius of Atlanta Ga.   $65.00

Individual Readings over 50 miles outside midtown Atlanta Ga                  $100.00                 

                    Call to set an appointment                 



Parties, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, and Other Festive Gatherings


 Choose Options For Parties 

1.  ONE(1) Hour Unlimited Readings                      

      - this option provides 20 minutes per person to 

        explain the report they are viewing during their

        reading.  This option permits up to 3 readings.

2.  THREE(3) Hour Unlimited Readings               

      -this option provides 20 minutes per person to

       explain the report they are viewing during their

       reading.  This option permits up to 9 readings. 

      These readings include a 15 page copy of each reading emailed

  Also Available For Cities Outside Of Georgia 

Additional fees

Travel 100 Miles from Atlanta Ga.                               $100.00   

Travel over 100 Miles from Atlanta Ga.                         200.00




Call for a Personal Aura Reading and your 15 Page Copy

Individual Readings 100 miles within Atlanta Ga.   $65.00

  Individual Readings 100 miles outside Atlanta Ga.                                    $100.00

                    Call to set an appointment                 




DISCLAIMER: This device and software program do not indicate or diagnose physical problems or sickness in any form whatsoever.  Please contact your physician, holistic doctor or therapist for consultation or treatment.  This program is meant as a self-help and monitoring tool for experimental use only and is not intended to replace medical or psychological counseling and treatment.  Event By Rhodes llc and Wealth Health Spirit accept no responsibility or liability for misinterpretation or use of the material provided.



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