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Face Reading & Body Language


July 27, 2019


6:30P - 8:30P



115 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.

Suite 4B

Atlanta Ga.  30303

Face Reading and Body Language Works

Face Reading and Body Language Works

Hands Red

Discover your Purpose for being here and The Path you should be taking.

Assist your family and friends in understanding why they encounter obstacles, misfortune and setbacks.

Learn Amazingly Simple Methods That Will Change Your Life!

Imagine - You Can Know The Character Of A Person Simply By Looking At Their Hands, Face or Body Movement.

You No Longer Need To Guess What Another Person Is Thinking.

Knowledge is all around us.

This knowledge must come with a level of Wisdom Patience and Understanding.

Workshop Admittance Fee $30


Our series of workshops will cover
-Hand Reading
-Face Reading
-How to Read Body Language.


  • You will never again have to guess;

  • -where you stand in negotiations

  • -which person is the perfect employee

  • -if he or she will be a compatible, loving considerate mate

  • -if you are making an impression in the job interview

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