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The Wealth Health Spirit Holistic Fair

September 8, 2018 - Saturday

10am - 6pm

Vendor Set-up 9am - 9:45am

Vendor Break-down  6pm - 7pm

(if more time is required simply notify Events by Rhodes at 855-243-2220 no less than one week minimum prior to the event date,  to make arrangements)


Vendor Guidelines

  1. Booth Space will only be assigned to Vendors who have paid in full.  Partial payments will not be accepted. Refunds are not provided to exhibitors who do not occupy the space.   Event management has the right to change booth locations when it is deemed necessary for safety or the flow of traffic. 

  2. Booth space and display setup must be complete by 9:45am, Saturday, September 8, 2018.  If a vendor does not arrive by 9:30, they are subject to being relocated if near the front entrance.  It is advisable to call if you are running late.

  3. A representative must be present at each booth between hours of  10a and 3pm the day of the event.

  4. Vendors may not utilize space outside the assigned booth space or block neighboring displays or isle, or solicit outside the area of the event.

  5. Impeding or inappropriate displays are not acceptable and must be removed from the event.  If you feel your display may fall into this category please seek approval before setup.

  6. Only previously approved product will be allowed in each assigned booth.

  7. Events By Rhodes reserves the right to decline applications if they are presumed inappropriate for any reason.

  8. Same product or service or similar product or service of two or more vendors will not be permitted unless both vendors agree it is acceptable.  A  signature from both parties on the 'Comparable Product' form will be required.

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