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Vendor F A QS

Reserve My Space


1.  How much does a booth cost and how many are available for this show?

One 6' Rectangular Table Space located in rows positioned in the center of the room..............$100.00

Any request for a Specific Booth Location Guarantee in the venue is an additional charge........$  50.00



AUGUST 31, 2018 @ 5PM

Spaces are currently still available.  Full payment is required to reserve a space.

2.  What is the venue like? 

The venue is an old converted high school.  We will be located indoors. The floors are cement and the walls are brick. Photos of the building and rooms may be seen at 

3.  May I share a booth?

Yes, but only for the 8' table space and each vendor must submit an application and request to share.  The fee for a booth shared by (2) two is $100.00.  There is a limit of no more than (2) people sharing a booth. One There will be a One Time Payment Process of $100.

4.  Where is the venue located?

The Little 5 Points Center for Arts & Community

1083 Austin Ave. NE

Atlanta, GA.  30307

5.  Does Wealth Health Spirit Holistic Fair provide the tables, chairs and tents?

WHSH  WILL PROVIDE A 6' table and  2 chairs.  We do not provide tents and do not have accommodations for tents.

6. How do I know if I've been selected as a vendor?

You will receive an email within 3 business days confirming your acceptance as a WHS Vendor with a link to pay your participation fee to reserve your spot.

7.  Will the weather effect the event?

The event will proceed regardless of the weather.  WHS Holistic Fair is being held indoors.  Your safety is our main concern.  If you are unable to attend please contact us

8.  How big is the vendor space?

The vendor space will accommodate a 6 foot table.

9.  What are the parking options?

While there is parking available, keep in mind the closest parking spots should be left open for our valued customers.  More information on parking for unloading will be provided with the Vendor Agreement Form once you apply.

10.  What is the best way to do transactions the day of the event?

We have found the Square Reader or a Paypal Reader works well for processing card payments.  Change and cash is always a part of transactions for markets and fairs. The venue is not available to make change for you.

11.  Will I have access to an outlet?

While the venue will have several outlets, not all booths will have access to power.  You will need to notify us on your Vendor Application or as soon as you realize you will need an outlet and we will do our best to accommodate.

12.  How will I know when and where I will set up the day of the event?

You will receive a map showing your booth location the week leading up to the event.  We'll also be available to help you locate your booth.

13.  What time do vendors need to arrive to set-up?

Because the venue has regular hours of operation, we will not have access the night before.  Check in and Set up is available the morning of the event from 8am to 9:30.  All vendors must check-in BEFORE unloading  or setting up at your booth.  Please refer to your Vendor Agreement Form for these procedures.

14.  Are there any discounts for hotels?


Not at this time.

15.  Are you accepting food vendors?

Yes.  If you qualify under the Georgia Cottage Food Laws and Regulations.

16.  How can I be a featured vendor for future Creative Workshops?

While we hand select each creative feature, please send us an email and let us know you're interested

17.  Can I offer a product as a promotional giveaway for social media?

If you are interested in cross promoting with a giveaway idea, please email us  and let us know what you have in mind!


For more inquiries please feel free to send us an email



Thank you!

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